About us

About Femta

Femta was founded as a scientific R&D solutions group developing and implementing the latest photonics technologies for industrial applications. In cooperation with the Physical and Technological Science Centre and the Science, Vilnius University and Technology Park of the Institute of Physics, we apply state-of-the-art solutions to our products.


To ensure systems adaptability, we are open to our product customisation. Femta is based in Vilnius, in the Science and Technology Park of the Lithuanian Institute of Physics, which houses the main scientific laboratories related to Lithuanian laser technologies.

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Our mission

To maintain highest quality production and excellent customer support.

Our vision

To become leading company in photonics industry.

Our goals

  • High customer service standards
  • Highest competitive position in the market
  • Being an attractive employer
  • Being a valuable and reliable partner
  • Being the most recommended company in the photonics industry


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