Laser welding


Laser welding is a modern welding technology allowing to weld various alloys or metals such as copper or aluminum known for their complicated welding process. Technology is fast and efficient compared to traditional welding techniques and is mostly used for thin, up to 6.5 mm thickness metal sheet welding.


FEMTA laser welding equipment is reliable, portable and air cooled, requiring only electricity and welding gas to operate.

Maximal welding depth

      • Stainless steel (SUS304) : 6.5 mm
      • Carbon steel (Q235B): 6.5 mm
      • Aluminum sheets (Al6061): 5.5 mm
      • Galvanised steel sheets: 6.5 mm
      • Bronze sheets: 4.5 mm

Few facts about our laser welding equimpent:


      • Reliable – laser source lifetime of 90 000 working hours
      • Lightweight and portable – system weights only 35 kg
      • High Power – 2000W output power allows to weld up to 6.5 mm thickness various metal sheets
      • Efficient – welding speed is up to 10 times faster compared to conventional welding methods
      • Easy to use – quick and simple integration in automised welding processes or in handheld operations.

How to choose the right system:

      • Contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling the telephone number +370 (633) 63 296.
      • For the best equipment adaptation, Femta engineers will take your needs into careful consideration and offer the optimal solution for your application.
      • If necessary, test weldings of your provided samples will be performed.