Laser cleaning


Laser cleaning is a reliable, safe, fast and environment friendly technology intended for surface cleaning. This technology enables easy removal of rust, paint, oxidation, dust deposits and effectively degreases surfaces. Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly technology eliminating use of additional abrasives as in alternative technologies. Equipment durability, reliability, and low energy consumption led to widespread application of this technology in the industry. Femta offers laser cleaning systems that, depending on the model, cost between 20,000 and 49,000 euros.

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  • Removing paint or paint layers
  • Removing rust, soot, oil, grease, and other deposits
  • Removing oxidised layers
  • Cleaning metal, plastic, and rubber casting moulds
  • Preparing metal surfaces for welding or removing during welding process oxidised layer.
  • Restoration of wood, paper and ceramics surfaces
  • Cleaning stone or metal surfaces, such as monuments, sculptures, or objects of small architecture.
  • Cleaning soot, or other deposits that have built up over time on facades or interior walls


Compared to aletrnative technologies

  • Contactless technology – laser cleaning technology preserves the original texture and structure of the material being cleaned and therefore is suitable for extremely thin or fragile materials.
  • Minimal environmental impact – as opposed to abrasive or dry ice cleaning methods, no additional waste or dust is generated during laser cleaning process. Compared to alternative technologies, laser cleaning systems are also characterised by high efficiency.
  • Accuracy – due to the well-defined and variable cleaning line length, this technology can be used in applications requiring extremely high precision.
  • Cleaning speed – depending on the application, laser cleaning systems can reach a cleaning speed up to ten times higher than standard surface cleaning methods.
  • Quick setup time – system will be fully prepared for use in less than three minutes.
  • Safety – only safety goggles are required to work with the system. Respirator use or fume extraction unit is highly recommended.
  • Cost of investment – In many cases, laser cleaning equipment pays off within one year. Depending on the model, the consumption of electricity is 0.5-2 kWh. In addition, there is no need to use expensive and complex protective equipment, no need to use and refill abrasives, and no need to pay pollution taxes.
  • Compact and transportable system – equipment can be easily moved indoors or can be even carried as a backpack.

How does it work?

High energy laser pulses are directed and focused on the layer to be cleaned. The pulses are absorbed by contaminants on cleaning surface causing them to instantly decompose by evaporating or turning to dust. For every cleaning process optimal pulse power is selected to ensure removal of contaminated layer, but not sufficient energy to cause any damage to base material. Any residue from decomposed materials can be removed with the help of fume extraction unit or can simply be wiped off. Cleaning process is repeated until all the dirt is removed from the cleaning surface. In case of transparent surfaces, such as varnish-coated surfaces, laser radiation can be absorbed by materials under the varnish. Due to local expansion of the base material under the varnish layer, transparent layer may lose its bond with base material and can be successfully lifted up without causing any damage to the base material.


The infrared wavelength of Femta offered laser cleaning systems is efficiently absorbed by oxides and organic substances such as rubber, paint, insulation, varnish, soot, etc.

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Portable systems

Transportable laser cleaning systems consist of a laser light source, an optical cable of the desired length (up to 20 meters), and a laser gun. We offer 20-200 watt portable laser cleaning systems. Depending on the model, portable laser cleaning systems are capable of applications starting with precise preparation of a small surface areas to the removal of dirt from thick and large surface area materials. Femta also offers lightweight (<18 kg) backpack-type laser cleaning systems. Due to its portability and easy operation, this system is ideal for hard-to-reach places.

Systems integrated into the manufacturing processes

We offer the integration of laser cleaning systems into production lines to promote enhanced process automation and robotics solutions. Fully automated laser cleaning systems enable the optimization of the performance of systems and thus achieve high machining accuracy and improved efficiency. Femta offers full project development from the adaptation of the laser cleaning system to its commissioning according to the customer needs. Full system maintenance and support is provided.

How to choose the right system:

  • Contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling the telephone number +370 (633) 63 296.
  • For the best equipment adaptation, Femta engineers will take your needs into careful consideration and offer the optimal solution for your application.
  • If necessary, test cleanings of your provided samples will be performed.